Rough start
I started this project by touring thrift, consignment, and vintage stores around Cincinnati. These visits directed my mind to the wide world of reused/forgotten things. 
These chairs represent my interest in customization and individualization of utilitarian objects. Below are The Scrap Wood Chair by Piet Hein Eek, The Clay Chair by Maarten Baas, and a typical folding chair.
Below is an image taken near my school, showing a collection of abandoned couches. Seeing these objects strewn across the street gave me the idea to use a couch as source material for a chair design.
From this anarchist effort, I acquired fifteen pieces of wood. Using these pieces as material limitations, and the form of a folding chair to limit form, I proceeded to prototype a design for said chair.
The resultant exercise helped me decide to simplify any cut angles to 60˚, as well as to include a simple stopper to hold the back in place.
the final design
Modeled in Fusion 360 with drawings created in Adobe Illustrator. Final images captured on a Canon Rebel T5i.